Student lodges report over assault, racist slur by teacher

Student lodges report over assault, racist slur by teacher

PUCHONG:  A Form 4 student in Kuantan, Pahang had lodged a police report on Tuesday against a teacher, claiming the latter had assaulted him leaving him with abdominal pain and bruises to his face.

According to China Press, the student said that the ordeal started over a homework.

The teacher was said to have asked students to submit their homework and when the said student said he had handed over his work, the teacher was alleged to have thrown a book at him and instructed the student to pick it up.

The student then turned to his fellow classmate and reiterated that he had submitted his homework.

Unhappy with the behaviour, the teacher was alleged to have called him ‘keling’ and threatened to beat him. Incensed, the student retaliated by calling the teacher ‘babi’ (pig) and banged the classroom door.

The commotion alerted another teacher and the latter was alleged to have dragged the student to the school’s chemistry lab.

At the lab, the student alleged that the teacher picked up a metal chair to hit him. Fearing the worst, the student attempted to flee but failed as the teacher instructed other students to catch him.

The teacher was then alleged to have closed the lab door and assaulted the student.

The student later lodged a report with the district education office. The school authorities were said to have advised him to lodge a police report as well.

Kuantan district police chief Mohamad Noor Yusof confirmed receiving the report and said the matter was being investigated.

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