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The Leaders is a media platform for a vibrant and dynamic socio-political and economic voice emerging in a new global order that focuses Political analysis from Malaysia & Worldwide and is seeing a more heightened restlessness between conservative and liberal posturing. It is imperative that the voices of moderation are brought to balance the scales between the two. ‘The Leaders’ aims to be instrumental in bringing together thought leaders from various backgrounds to contribute to a meaningful discourse that can influence policy and discussion. We will be leveraging our online presence and reach with real-world dialogues and forums which will be screened live. We are a non-profit initiative that seeks continues support through volunteers, public sector and private sector donations and corporate sponsorships. Our overriding objective is to act as contributory stakeholders in the present and work together with others to build a better future for all humanity.


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Heatwave: How to keep cool in hot weather and stay hydrated

KUALA LUMPUR: A Level 2 heatwave alert has been issued for parts of the Malaysian state of Kedah, as a heatwave grips the country. On Sunday (Mar 17), the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia)

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