Sri Lankan cable operators, “Dialogue” and “SLT” block Peace TV

Sri Lankan cable operators, “Dialogue” and “SLT” block Peace TV

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan cable operators, “Dialogue” and “SLT” have banned the airing of Zakir Naik’s Peace TV following the bomb blasts in the island state on Easter Sunday.

Both cable operators are the largest cable operators in Sri Lanka.

An official announcement regarding this development has not been made yet. Interestingly the government has not banned the channel owned by the Muslim televangelist.

India and Bangladesh have already banned Peace TV on the basis that the Islamic State have been using Naik’s talk to influence Muslims for their cause.

Peace TV was founded by Naik in 2006. Naik himself is wanted for charges related to money laundering and funding terrorism. The televangelist have pleaded innocence and currently resides in Putrajaya.

He has been residing there since 2012 after obtaining Malaysia’s permanent resident status.

India has requested for Naik to be deported to face money laundering and terrorism related charges.

Despite the change of government last year, Putrajaya’s stand on the televangelist remain the same – he would not be deported unless he violates the local laws.