Russian model: It’ll be painful if I reveal the truth

Russian model: It’ll be painful if I reveal the truth

A Russian beauty queen who was divorced by the ex-king of Malaysia a few weeks after she gave birth has threatened to reveal ‘painful’ secrets of their whirlwind romance and split.

In the latest twist in the couple’s high-profile marital breakdown – during which he abdicated as monarch – she also posted a picture of the couple seemingly in love.

She geotagged the picture from Kuala Lumpur even though it is believed she is now living in Moscow with a son she insists is the former monarch’s sole male heir.

In a message aimed at the ex-king – who used Sharia Law to divorce her – she said: “I know that everyone really wants to know what happened to us.

“Before, I was not ready to reveal my story. Maybe, if I tell you the truth, I will feel better… but I just don’t want to hurt anyone.”

But she warned alongside a pensive emoji: ‘It will be painful.’

She also posted a message to the Malaysian people in a video marking Hari Merdeka, or the Day of Malaysia, on 31 August, to mark the 62nd anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence from Britain.

The couple enjoyed a whirlwind romance and married in a secret Islamic ceremony last year in Malaysia with a follow up wedding party in Moscow in November details off which were leaked to the Russian media.

At the time, the sultan was the Malaysian king and head of state.

Sources say they separated soon after the Moscow event by which time Oksana was pregnant with a son Leon, who was born on May 21 in Russia.

In January, the Sultan suddenly abdicated the throne.

Her lawyers have denied there has been a divorce but the king’s Singapore lawyer insisted she had been given details of the Sharia split.

It was finalised on July 1.

The lawyer Koh Tien Hua was also quoted as saying: ‘There is no objective evidence as yet as to the biological father of the child.’

The glamorous Russian through friends said that she was ready for a DNA test to prove the child is the son the ex-king.

Oksana recently posted new pictures with her son, geotagged as in Moscow, although did not show his face.

She wrote in English: ‘A little bit more than three months ago, Leon was still living in my stomach.

“And now his weight is 6,750 grams and my hands get tired to carry him for a long time. Children grow and change very quickly.

“Therefore, up to one year, there is a tradition to celebrate their birthdays every month.

“I believe that in such moments, parents should spend as much time with their baby as possible so they don’t miss such valuable moments as the first smile, the first laugh, the first word, the first steps.”

She also posted a video telling her followers: ‘I would like to congratulate you with the sixty second anniversary of Independence Day of Malaysia!

“I wish Malaysia well-being, prosperity, stability and great future for your people. Keep being united nation and live in peace with each other.

“May Allah bless Malaysia!”

The couple’s split followed reports in Moscow that Oskana had been a star in a lurid reality TV show.

The former king who remains an influential sultan in Malaysia has not spoken directly on his relationship with the Russian beauty queen.

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