Ramkarpal: Does Umno mirror the stand of Johor Umno Youth?

Ramkarpal: Does Umno mirror the stand of Johor Umno Youth?

PUCHONG: Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh of the DAP took Johor Umno youth chief Hairi Mad Shah to task for the latter’s condemnation over the breaking of fast event held in a Sikh gurdwara.

He questioned whether Hairi’s stand mirrored the stand of Umno.

“I cannot understand why Umno youth chief Hairi Mad Shah criticised Akmal for breaking fast at the Gurdwara. Umno must now state if what Hairi said is its stand or if it was his personal stance.”

Johor Baru MP Akmal Nasrullah Nasir of PKR had come under fire from a Facebook group called Ops Johor who branded him as crazy after he decided to go ahead with a breaking of fast event held in a Sikh gurdwara, in Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru. 

He was also criticized by Hairi who said Akmal’s actions desecrated the sanctity of Islam.

He also questioned whether Hairi would condemn the Muslims in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who broke fast at a breaking of fast event held in Guru Nanak Darbar gurdwara.

The gurdwara is hosting breaking of fast daily this year for their Muslim brethren, along with a room to perform for prayers.

“Is Hairi aware that recently in Dubai a Gurdwara did the same thing, opening its doors to Muslims to break their fast and giving them a place to pray? 

“Is Hairi going to condemn those Muslims in Dubai as well? If breaking fast in a Gurdwara in Dubai is accepted, why not in Malaysia?

Ramkarpal who is also DAP legal bureau chief added the stance taken by Hairi is an affront to multicultural Malaysia.

“People like Hairi are doing a disservice to multicultural Malaysia which is most unfortunate by creating a false perception that Muslims and non-Muslims should not break their fast together at a non-Muslim place of worship.”

“I want to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends a wonderful Hari Raya in less than two weeks.”

“We non-Muslims will always welcome you at any venue and will always celebrate our diverse culture in this great country called Malaysia.”