Najib admitted accepting RM42 million, says witness

Najib admitted accepting RM42 million, says witness

KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak have admitted accepting the RM42 million fund into his account without his knowledge from SRC International via an affidavit, said the 55th prosecution witness, lawyer Ranjit Singh.

Singh who represented former MCA president Ling Liong Sik in a suit against Najib submitted verified, original copies of the writ of summons and statement of claim related to the lawsuit filed by Najib through his lawyer Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun on 30 October 2015.

Najib sued Ling for allegedly making defamatory statements during a function at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Najib withdrew the lawsuit against Dr Ling without the liberty to refile and was also ordered to pay Dr Ling RM25,000 in costs as part of the withdrawal on 22 May 2018.

“Datuk Seri Najib conceded that US$700 million did enter his accounts, although he asserts it as personal donation.

“He also conceded RM42million had entered his accounts but has no knowledge of it and was done through two intermediaries between December 2014 and February 2015,” Ranjit said.

The admission was made through an affidavit in reply to Dr Ling’s counterclaim against Najib dated February 23, 2016.

Ranjit revealed this when he was questioned by DPP V Sithambaram.

Najib’s defence team led by Muhammad Shafee Abdullah argued that the evidence submitted by Ranjit was irrelevant to prove a prima facie case.

When questioned by fellow defence counsel Harvinderjit Singh, Ranjit confirmed he was not approached by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to testify.

“If I recall, it was Datuk Sithambaram who told me I may be called to testify,” he said.

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