yoboo launched its new Unscented Baby Wipes on the Philippine e-commerce platform

yoboo launched its new Unscented Baby Wipes on the Philippine e-commerce platform

MANILA, Philippines, Feb. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, yoboo, a medical feeding maternal and child brand, launched its new Unscented Baby Wipes on the Philippine e-commerce platform. The product cleanses the baby’s skin, keeps hands and mouth clean, and moisturizes the skin. yoboo takes professionalism and warmth as the essence of demand and takes love as the driving force.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the question of how to be well protected has become an important issue in people’s lives. To meet families’ expectations for safe mother and baby cleaning during the outbreak, yoboo worked with SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization, to carry out comprehensive tests on Unscented Baby Wipes.

yoboo makes thickened spunlaced nonwovens with a pearl cross texture. The texture is delicate and the material is soft. The protrusions on the surface allow for multi-dimensional contact with the skin while reducing frictional damage to the baby’s skin. Unscented Baby Wipes are highly absorbent and feel softer and more comfortable when wet. The excellent toughness makes them less likely to be pulled.

Unscented Baby Wipes are fluorescent-free, formaldehyde-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and have a weakly acidic pH of 5.5. They are non-irritating to the skin and are less likely to cause dryness, itching, allergies and nappy rash. No abnormalities were observed in the Acute skin irritation test in rabbits. No abnormalities were observed in the Human skin patch test as measured in 30 individuals. No abnormalities were observed in the Acute oral toxicity test in rats. Unscented Baby Wipes are lint-free during use and passed several microbiological tests. Unscented Baby Wipes are now a household staple for thousands of families.

yoboo Unscented Baby Wipes pass SGS test
yoboo Unscented Baby Wipes pass SGS test

Unscented Baby Wipes are packaged beautifully with a colorful pattern that makes them stand out. The packaging is double sealed with snaps and stickers, so there is no need to worry about liquid escaping from the wipes. Unscented Baby Wipes can handle many embarrassing situations, especially when it is difficult to find a water source when mothers hang out. Therefore, mothers need to determine the number of wipes to avoid embarrassing situations. Unscented Baby Wipes are more hygienic as they can be drawn one at a time, avoiding the embarrassment of continuous or multiple draws and not being able to stuff them back in, and each pack has 100 pieces.

yoboo covers all aspects of baby feeding, so as to complete breastfeeding more easily and conveniently, and help mothers build confidence in breastfeeding. At the same time, it actively responds to the WHO’s two-year breastfeeding advocacy, protects the baby’s growth with Japanese ingenuity. From research and development to testing, taking into account every detail of the baby’s growth and health, and also improving the quality of life of parenting for mothers.

yoboo cherishes every drop of breast milk.
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