Wanita PKR raises confounding issues on sex video

Wanita PKR raises confounding issues on sex video

PETALING JAYA: Wanita PKR chief, Haniza Mohd Talha raised issues in regards to the timing of the two sex video clips that implicated Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali were released.

“There are several things that we see as confounding (with the sex video issue), one of which was Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz’s statement. (The second was) this was all exposed immediately after (Latheefa’s) appointment as MACC chief. So, I see this as something strange,” she said.

“And in his statement, Haziq (who is Santubong PKR Youth chief) also called on MACC to investigate Azmin for his alleged involvement in corruption and I see there’s a connection here.

“It is as if parties with ill-intention aim to create dissent with the prime minister’s decision on the appointment of the MACC chief, who has also been linked with Azmin as supposedly part of the same faction (in PKR).

“This is what I clearly see (in the situation),” she said in a special press briefing at the PKR headquarters.

Earlier this week gay sex video that implicated Azmin was released. The minister and senior PKR leader denied the allegation.

Haziq Abdul Aziz who is also Primary Industries Deputy Minister’s private secretary and Santubong PKR Youth chief claimed that he was the one in the video also claimed that was not the first rendezvous he had with Azmin.

He was arrested yesterday and is expecting to be released on police bail today.