Student abuse: Teacher and mother reconcile, apologised to each other

Student abuse: Teacher and mother reconcile, apologised to each other

PUCHONG: The family of the student who was caned by a teacher in Johor Bahru made peace today with one another.

In a report by Sinar Harian, the mother and the teacher shook hands after attending a meeting arranged by Johor state education state executive councillor Aminolhuda Hassan.

The meeting took place at the Johor Bahru district education department (PPD) at 2.30pm.

“The meeting went well. Both parties apologised to each another and the student has withdrawn her police report lodged against the teacher,” he said.

Recently, a 2.38-minute video went viral on social media, showing a mother berating a teacher for caning her daughter, leaving her with heavy bruises on her legs and arms.

The teacher alleged that the student had called him ‘effeminate teacher’ but the mother had defended her daughter, saying the latter had apologised for it.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said he had instructed the Johor Bahru PPD to investigate the matter and urged the public not to circulate the video to protect the image of the teacher and the student.

Aminolhuda said that Johor Bahru PPD and the school arranged for the meeting in order to resolve the matter in a more holistic manner.

“We take this matter seriously as it affects the teaching profession’s credibility and the student’s welfare.

“So, I urge all schools and teachers in Johor to adhere to regulations in place and not get too emotional when disciplining a student,” he said.