Schoolgirl left with bruises after being caned by teacher

Schoolgirl left with bruises after being caned by teacher

PUCHONG: A teacher in a secondary school has been accused of abusing one his female students, leaving heavy bruises on the girl’s legs and arms.

In a 2.38 seconds video posted on social media, the student’s mother is seen berating the teacher in a mix of Malay, English and Chinese, who tried haplessly to explain himself to the raging mother.

The video is believed to have been shot in the school.

“She told you she was sorry. Why did you do this to her? You’re a teacher?

“You cannot cane her life this. As a teacher, you can’t do this. You are wrong,” she said.  

The teacher tried to explain the matter to the mother, claiming that her daughter had called him ‘aqua’ (effeminate). However, the mother continued to defend her daughter.

“She only said things. She did not beat you, did she? If she did, it’s fine. Don’t be like this.

“You are angry? You can fight? You’re strong? You are a teacher, you are supposed to teach children,” said the mother.

As the teacher tries to speak again, the mother interrupts and said “She had said sorry”. The teacher admitted that the student had apologised but claimed the latter did it only after being caned.

“She did say sorry one time but why only after being caned and after her friend told her to do so?” asked the teacher.

Meanwhile, the incident received mixed reactions from social media netizens, with some supporting the teacher while the rest supported the victim.

“If happen to my child, I’ll add a few rotan and ask my child to say sorry to teacher. To Chinese, respect to parents come first, the teachers. Very important to learn respect,” said Lisa Cheung.

One social media user Carynie Lim even berated the mother for being disrespectful to the teacher.

“Both of them (mother and child) need to be taught a lesson. What a disgraceful parenting style. I completely understand the mother’s pain but she has to bear with it for having a child that’s so rebellious,” she said.

Cannie Lam, however, said, “Teachers have the rights to teach his students but not whack like this. She is just a teenager,” she said.

On related matter, Suhakam urged the government to ban corporal punishment in schools as it is an act of violence.

“Suhakam renews our call to abolish corporal punishment in schools. Caning violates a child’s rights because it constitutes violence that causes physical/mental harm, suffering, and conflicts with the human dignity&right of the child to physical integrity,” it said in a tweet.

By G Vinod

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