Saravanan: Bangladesh High Commission launched job portal without consulting KSM

Saravanan: Bangladesh High Commission launched job portal without consulting KSM

KUALA LUMPUR: The Bangladesh High Commission here launched its employment portal ‘Chakrir Khoj’ without prior consultation or notification to the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM), said its minister Datuk Seri M. Saravanan. 

The minister, who was shocked and appalled with the action taken by the high commission, said it was unreasonable for the high commission to launch the portal, which goes against the roles and responsibilities of a foreign diplomatic mission.

He said the portal not only contradicted the government’s planning to manage the actual demand of foreign labour in the country but could also tarnish the image of the government and the ministry.

“The action by the Bangladesh High Commission can lead to an influx of Bangladeshi illegal workers into the country because they will be attracted to the opportunities promised on the said employment portal.

“This can indirectly lead to exploitation of the workers, which can then mar Malaysia’s image,” he said in a statement yesterday in response to local media reports about the launch of the said employment portal on April 8.

The employment portal is said to be aimed at helping Malaysian employers recruit Bangladeshi workers as well as to assist undocumented Bangladeshi workers to participate in the government’s Recalibration Programme that was announced last year.

Saravanan said his ministry viewed the matter seriously as it could mislead and create confusion to the public, particularly local employers.

He said the recalibration programme, a collaboration between KSM and the Home Ministry which commenced on Nov 16 last year and set to end on June 30 this year, was being executed by government entities and employers without the involvement of vendors or third parties.

“The sectors involved are confined to manufacturing, construction, plantation and agriculture,” he said, adding that under the Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 (Act 246), the recruitment of foreign workers in Malaysia would be managed by private employment agencies, licensed by the Department of Labour.

He said the ‘Chakrir Khoj’ portal would also jeopardise the business of more than 400 private employment agencies currently licensed by the Department of Labour to bring in foreign workers to the country.

He added that these local companies had been out of business for over a year but are still paying the required licence fee.

Saravanan said the ministry had also developed a national employment portal, MyFutureJobs, which advertises domestic job vacancies involving the recruitment of foreign workers as well as expatriates. -Bernama