RTD denies ‘protecting’ lorries ferrying timber in Kelantan

RTD denies ‘protecting’ lorries ferrying timber in Kelantan

KUALA LUMPUR: The actions of Road Transport Department (JPJ) vehicles escorting several timber-laden lorries in Gua Musang, Kelantan, which were part of a video that went viral yesterday, were actually part of a special timber lorry operation implemented by the Kelantan JPJ.

The department said in a statement last night that the vehicles were escorting the lorries to ensure the drivers did not evade RTD control and would proceed directly to the Mentara enforcement station in Gua Musang for their weigh-in, adding that it was a standard operating procedure to ensure the safety of other motorists and reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

“RTD views the negative perception against the department seriously, which includes insinuations that the department was ‘protecting’ the lorries, shared by the account owner that has tarnished RTD’s reputation without the account owner understanding how the department actually works.

“The department will not hesitate to take further action by lodging a police report if it finds that the accusations affects the credibility and image in conducting routine duties,” the statement read.

The department said that during the operation, 30 timber lorries were stopped in front of Gua Musang district police headquarters by the RTD and inspected before being ordered to submit for a weigh in at the Mentara enforcement station under escort of RTD official vehicles, adding that 56 notices were subsequently issued for various offences.

A video depicting RTD vehicles escorting timber lorries in Kelantan went viral yesterday and elicited various reactions from netizens, with some of them urging the department to explain the matter. — Bernama