Amar: Stay loyal, abide party orders and don’t ask too many questions

Amar: Stay loyal, abide party orders and don’t ask too many questions

TANAH MERAH: PAS vice president Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah told party members and supporter to maintain their loyalty and abide party orders without asking too many questions.

In making the call, he differentiated the mentality and outlook of the grassroots and leadership as those who are seated on the ground and those on top of the tree.

“We, on the ground, can only see what is in front of our eyes. If we are in the jungle, we can’t see anything but the trees and the bushes,” said Mohd Amar who is also Kelantan deputy Menteri Besar, during a speech officiating the Tanah Merah PAS division’s annual general meeting yesterday

“But the leadership, when they are sitting on the tree, they can see what lies beyond the jungle. We see the jungle but don’t see the tiger, but the president sees it.

“This is why we should trust the leadership. When (the president) asks you to run, don’t be stupid and ask why you should run, you will be eaten by the tiger then. When he asks to run, just run, and then ask questions later.

Mohd Amar went on to sing the praises of PAS president Hadi Awang, whose knowledge of the country’s politics and other matters, he compared to that of the prime minister.

He claimed to have known Hadi for many years, in the PAS central leadership, and the extent Hadi’s knowledge amazes him.

“I have been with the central PAS leadership for many years. My relationship with the president (Hadi) is maybe closer than many of you.

“When you have spent years with someone, we can see how that person is number one,” he said, stressing that Hadi, who is also Marang MP, always prioritised Islam in making any party-related decision.

“To him, Islam takes precedence. Our president’s knowledge of the country’s politics, national security and other issues are akin to that of the prime minister’s.

“Sometimes we will be surprised about the things he knows.”

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