Hadi praises Hindus, PAS Supporters Congress

Hadi praises Hindus, PAS Supporters Congress

KUALA LUMPUR: Following the new alliance forged between MIC and PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who is PAS president praised the Hindus in an article published on PAS organ, Harakah Daily.

He recalled that the second party president, Dr Abbas Alias saved a Hindu detainee who was sentenced to death during the Japanese Occupation. The Hindu man turned out to be instrumental in registering PAS as a political party several years later.

That enabled PAS to contest in the 1955 general election.

Hadi also thanked the Hindu members in PAS Supporters Congress who paved the way for PAS-MIC cooperation.

“Today PAS appreciates MIC’s invitation openly as it opens a new respected path for PAS. This shows the development of the non Muslim Indians who have been with PAS in the Supporters Congress.

The PAS leader also attributed the congress for being a channel that links PAS to the multiracial society.

He also urged Muslims against equating all non Muslims as being prejudiced and racially fanatic since ‘human kind are a big family’.

He also highlighted how India was the birthplace of many faiths – Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

In addition to that Hadi also mentioned about India as the land that produced a large number Islamic scholars such as Maulana Abu Hasan Ali An-Nadawi, afriend who Hadi looks upto.

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