No double standard in all Kemas preschools

No double standard in all Kemas preschools

KUALA LUMPUR: The Community Development Department (Kemas) has given an assurance that the phrase ‘double standard’ will not exist in the Learning and Facilitating (PdPc) process should elite Kemas preschools (tabika) for the middle income (M40) group be established.

Deputy Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Mohamad said this comprised modules, teaching materials, facilities and teaching manpower as currently implemented in all Kemas Tabika.

“The ministry thanks all relevant parties for their concern over the proposal to set up Kemas preschools for the M40 group.

“The proposal is an effort by the ministry through Kemas to provide an opportunity for parents in the M40 income group to send their children to overcome the issue of entry quota to existing Kemas Tabika,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He said the original aim of Kemas preschools was to offer early childhood education to children from low-income groups in the early 1970s, but after operating for almost 30 years, studies have shown that there has been an increase in intake applications, especially from the M40 group.

Abdul Rahman, however, said the matter was still at a discussion stage.

“The ministry will identify an appropriate name for the M40 Kemas Tabika after it has been tabled and approved by the Cabinet,” he said.-Bernama

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