Hamidiye Camii: Mosque in Turkey designs paradise described in the Quran

Hamidiye Camii: Mosque in Turkey designs paradise described in the Quran

Many mosques are designed in such a way to have their own impression. Some are coated with gold, others have beautiful architecture, all depending on the designer and architect of the mosque.

Yıldız Hamidiye Mosque or Hamidiye Camii mosque, one of the mosques in central Turkey is viral in social media that has a beautiful building design.

This article has been aired on Tribuntravel.com with the title Hamidiye Camii, The Mosque in Turkey Designed Paradise Described in the Quran.

Located in Kırşehir, Turkey, this mosque is famous for its magnificent architecture with beautiful interior design. The interior design of the Hamidiye Camii mosque is touted as a depiction of paradise.

Hamidiye Camii Mosque was built under the supervision of the Ottoman Caliphate in 1910 and the name of the mosque was taken from the largest Islamic caliph of the time, Sultan Abdul Hamid II Khan.

However, the mosque of heaven was destroyed and rebuilt after which the Ottoman Empire collapsed, they changed its name. Then, the mosque rebuilt and constructs it according to the definition of paradise depicted in the Qur’an.

They built the Hamidiye Camii mosque in accordance with the “imagination” of heaven and an architect from Azerbaijan at that time who was believed to design the space of the mosque of heaven.

Most people who have prayed at Hamidiye Camii mosque say if they feel like praying in heaven and feeling calmer in her prayers. The high priest of Hamidiye Camii Mosque, Sefa Ekinci, said they had been working hard to make this heavenly mosque look wonderful.

The former imam of the mosque, Yilmaz Akcakaya said that this mosque is a great work of art.

By: Hema Subramaniam