Infinitus Invites Everyone to Participate in the Yearly 9-19 Infinitus Global Walking Day

Infinitus Invites Everyone to Participate in the Yearly 9-19 Infinitus Global Walking Day

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Infinitus and the China Association of Chinese Medicine are once again, jointly organizing the yearly autumn event: 919 Infinitus Global Walking Day in this September.

Health has become a hot topic that cannot be avoided in 2020. The pandemic has taught us a hard lesson:

Health is crucial. People can accumulate their wealth or find a new job any time, but they only live once.

Immunity is crucial, because immunity is the most powerful guardian of everyone’s health. It is the best defense against viruses.

How can people effectively strengthen their immunity? Experts have suggested the best way of doing so is to develop a persistently healthy lifestyle. Follow Infinitus’ “Four Habits” to meet health criteria in the aspects of diet, rest, exercise and emotion.

Among all fitness exercises that can be easily accessed in everyday life, walking is without a doubt, the most affordable and easiest sport that is suitable for various age groups.

In light of this, below are the event highlights of this year.

9-19 Poster
9-19 Poster

Global Participation

Different from previous years, the event scope of the Walking Day has expanded this year. The event will be broadcasted online globally, inviting everyone who loves to walk in Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Canada, Thailand, the Philippines, Kazakhstan and Korea to participate together.

Joint Philanthropy

The focus of this year’s event will continue to be public welfare. The China Youth Development Foundation is the charity partner in this event. Any participant who reaches the 10,000-step target at the event on 19 September will contribute to the programme they developed: Infinitus Happy Football Programme. Based on the total number of steps, Infinitus and its partner, 10,000-Step Walking Club, will jointly donate goods to support the development of football programmes for teenagers in impoverished rural areas in China. Every step is meaningful. You are not only doing exercise but also contributing and making a difference to the charity.

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