ICAPE Group expands in Malaysia

ICAPE Group expands in Malaysia

DONGGUAN, China, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One year after the creation of a new sales office in Malaysia, managed by Mr. Jeffrey Wan, ICAPE Group is well ahead of its objectives with a growth of 20%. The year 2021 will be another milestone for the company and its development in Asia.

For this mission, ICAPE Group can rely on Mr. Jeffrey Wan as the local sales and technical support director, an expert who has been working in the electronics industry for more than 20 years: “I am glad to see that ICAPE Malaysia office have a very positive performance this year. With the strong expertise support from the ICAPE Group, we are not only providing the most competitive price offer to our PCBs customers in our market but also the most valuable service through Quick quote repones, Fast lead time, and Fantastic products quality. Choosing us will give our customers to enjoy the extensive China manufacturing factory services with an ideal price deal, as well as expert service in QA and logistics provided by the ICAPE China-based team. We provide authentic one-stop solutions service to help our customer to save their budget and avoid unnecessary problems”, says Mr. Wan.

ICAPE Group is a strategic partner in the supply chain of the electronics industry players. Since 1999, the company has grown to reach 500 employees in the world and delivers more than 28 million electronic pieces per year in 70 countries. One of the biggest strengths of ICAPE Group is its services office in China, staffed with 250 employees, who manage their customers’ projects in a 75 factory partners’ network. From the quotation to the delivery, ICAPE Group offers a complete range of services and provides a one-stop solution to supply all available technologies of printed circuit board and 10 commodities of custom-made technical parts to its customers.

The constant organic growth of ICAPE Group over the last two decades has been driven by a philosophy of proximity. Once established in a business unit, the sales team covers the borders countries. If the demand is strong in a country, ICAPE Group builds a sales office with a native expert, able to respond to customers’ requests in their language. Usually, after few years of development in the country market, a new business unit is created with a full team and a dedicated structure. This is how ICAPE Group is now established in 21 business units around the world. Over the last two years, new business units have been created in Poland, Sweden, Japan and the demand from Asian customers is growing.

Implanted in most of the strategic countries in Europe and America, ICAPE Group now expands in Asia, as the revenue from Malaysia is growing by 20% since last year, but also in Indonesia and Thailand, which are promising markets for the French-based company. All its services are available online on www.icape-group.com.