GRAX Releases Data Enrichment Hub for

GRAX Releases Data Enrichment Hub for

Data Value leader releases new product letting businesses unify and enrich data across all sources in

BOSTON, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GRAX, the leading data value platform, today announced the release of GRAX Enrich for, a no-code data hub and toolset for unifying, de-duplicating and cleansing data across multiple Salesforce Orgs and 3rd party data sources. With GRAX Enrich, users can further strengthen the 360 degree view of their customers that they are developing inside of salesforce, by bringing all other data sources into

GRAX Enrich empowers 360-degree customer views in Salesforce
GRAX Enrich empowers 360-degree customer views in Salesforce

“Ever since we founded GRAX, we’ve always said that a business is constantly sending out data signals about where things are headed – you just have to know how to listen,” said GRAX CEO Joseph Gaska. “With GRAX Enrich, you get the ability to unify, cleanse and start listening to your business across an unlimited number of signal sources – whether those be multiple Salesforce orgs or 3rd party ERP and e-Commerce systems.”

According to Experian, data inaccuracies cause 81 percent of businesses to encounter problems when trying to generate meaningful business intelligence. Kissmetrics says that these same data quality issues cause them to lose up to 20% of their revenue.

“GRAX will help us shorten our revenue reconciliation time across dozens of Salesforce instances,” said Linda Bloszies, Sr. Director of Platform Engineering & Product Development at ServiceSource. “Enrich opens up the ability for us to safely embed our teams directly into our clients’ Salesforce environments, while imposing stringent, complex and fully auditable data governance practices.”

GRAX Enrich creates unified visibility and access across multiple Salesforce orgs and external data sources, exposing the data for complex data operations directly within the Salesforce interface. Record normalization, cleansing, de-duplication and relative data value scoring are done inside of Salesforce, and all changes are recorded in an immutable ledger that is 100% recoverable to any changepoint.

With GRAX Enrich, you can:

  • Create unified reporting and access across multiple Salesforce orgs
  • De-duplicate and cleanse records inside of Salesforce from multiple data sources, including external systems such as ERP and e-Commerce platforms
  • Create breathtaking visualizations of new business patterns in Einstein Analytics or Tableau

GRAX Enrich is available in beta today and will be generally available in early 2020:

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GRAX helps you adapt faster by capturing, retaining and correlating every single change in your data over time. It gives you full data custody, while helping you find and act on new cause-and-effect patterns as they emerge in your business. Learn more about GRAX at or follow the company on Twitter @GRAXdv or LinkedIn.

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