Girl Seeks Answers After Her Father’s Death In Ambulance

Girl Seeks Answers After Her Father’s Death In Ambulance

In a Facebook post that was uploaded on Friday, 15 March and has since gone viral with over 8k shares, the daughter of a senior citizen who died in the ambulance he was being transported to Serian Hospital is demanding an explanation as to why the ambulance didn’t follow the emergency standard operating procedures (SOP)

The daughter, Fung Ying, alleges that her father, 66-year-old Lai Kim died due to delay in receiving proper medical treatment after the ambulance did a very “ridiculous thing”.

“The ambulance did not proceed to the hospital immediately at the time and without any siren as well. With my very ill dad inside the ambulance, they went to the Petronas station in Siburan to fuel up the vehicle.

“While at the petrol station, an incoming lorry slightly brushed against the ambulance which resulted in the driver’s door unable to close,” she lamented in her post.The ambulance and the lorry.

Following the minor incident that occurred at a petrol station located at Mile 18 along the Jalan Kuching and Serian road, the ambulance, with the girl’s father inside, proceeded to the police station to make a report instead of first heading to the hospital.

In her post, she wrote that the ambulance had consumed plenty of time, in which it should have reached the Serian hospital already.

The man, who was previously receiving treatment at Siburan Health Clinic, was referred to Serian Hospital for further treatment at around 9.30am.

“Both the medical assistant and driver went into the police station to make the report, leaving my dad, mum and younger brother waiting inside the ambulance.

“Suddenly, my mum found that my dad showed no response.

“She touched his forehead and realised his forehead was becoming cold. She quickly asked my younger brother to call and seek help from the medical assistant, who then performed nearly 15 minutes of CPR on my dad,” she wrote, adding that “unfortunately, my dad could not make it and passed away at around 11am.”

“Problem is, I still cannot understand that, if a patient is suffering an extraordinary stomach ache and had an abnormal heart rate, it is an emergency case, right?

“Why was an emergency SOP not carried out at that moment?

“An ambulance driver is responsible to ensure that the ambulance has more than a half-full tank at any time to cater and standby for emergency cases, isn’t it?

“This is the first time in my life hearing that an ambulance went to fuel up the vehicle with a very ill patient inside. Or is it my father’s situation was not “urgent enough” to use the emergency SOP?” the man’s daughter questioned.

“It has been four days since my dad left us, I am still overwhelmed by sadness and regret. If the ambulance did not go to the petrol station, my dad would be alive right now. I feel that my dad was wronged and treated unfairly.”

“Thus, as a daughter, on behalf of my family, I now demand an explanation for my father’s death!,” she wrote, wishing that whoever didn’t follow the correct SOP “should be charged and punished”.

Following the girl’s viral post, the Sarawak Health Department yesterday, 17 March, said that they are now investigating the case

“I also want to say that Sarawak Health Department is also aware of the social media post written on 15 March by the daughter of the deceased, and Sarawak Health Department will arrange for a meeting with the deceased’s family and next-of-kin,”Sarawak health director Dr Jamilah Hashim was quoted saying by The Borneo Post.

She added that they are aware of the issue and assured the public that the investigation would be conducted in a transparent manner and according to protocol.

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