Gerakan Sinar Rasuah Busters to help fight corruption

Gerakan Sinar Rasuah Busters to help fight corruption

KUALA LUMPUR: The recently launched Gerakan Sinar Rasuah Busters aims to raise awareness among Malaysians about the issue of corruption, said Karangkraf Media Group chairman Datuk Dr Hussamuddin Yaacub.

He said through the campaign, it is hoped that the people can be the eyes as well as ears of the authorities, and have the courage to report about misconduct and corrupt practices.

“The issue of corruption has become worse, like an infectious disease which knows no boundaries. We must put a stop to this issue because corruption can destroy a race and nation,” he said when appearing as a guest in the Bual Bicara programme entitled ‘Jihad Hapuskan Rasuah’, aired on Bernama TV tonight.

Hussamuddin said that in curtailing corruption people should be aware that it entails deep understanding of ethical and moral issues or a strong commitment to value systems.

He was previously reported to have said that the campaign which currently involved Sinar Harian staff would be open to the public.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) assistant commissioner Celemans Kasim, who is also a panelist in the programme stressed that the agency would not compromise with corruption and malpractice involving Malaysians regardless of their status.

“Regardless whether they are ‘ikan bilis’ (small fry) or sharks, if the MACC investigation proves that a person is guilty, they will be charged in court in accordance with the existing legal process,” he said.