FDSM’s Four Major Programs Rank Among FT’s Global Top 40

FDSM’s Four Major Programs Rank Among FT’s Global Top 40

SHANGHAI, Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On Oct 26, 2020, the Financial Times (FT) released its annual Executive MBA Ranking. Four programs from School of Management of Fudan University (FDSM) were nominated among the top 40 in the world, steadily improving upon their ranking over the years.

FDSM's Four Major EMBA Programs Rank Among FT's Global Top 40
FDSM’s Four Major EMBA Programs Rank Among FT’s Global Top 40

This year, the four programs that joined the FT’s global ranking include the Fudan University-Washington University EMBA Program, Fudan University EMBA Program, Fudan University-BI Norwegian Business School MBA Program and Fudan University-Hong Kong University IMBA Program. Each of these programs not only achieved outstanding overall positions in the FT’s global rankings but also performed exceptionally well across a variety of metrics. The Fudan-WashU EMBA Program ranks 16th in the world while claiming the top spot of academic research in Asia. The Fudan EMBA Program ranks 21st overall and 1st among all Chinese language programs for outstanding students’ work experience and percentage of international faculty members. The Fudan-BI MBA Program places 27th in the global rankings and 2nd in the world for the salary growth rate of graduates. Furthermore, the Fudan-HKU IMBA Program ranks 37th in the world and 4th for global part-time MBA programs. 

Rooted in China, a country known for progressive improvement, FDSM continues to make its way to the center of the global stage. The steady rise in rankings of these four programs reflects FDSM’s commitment to enhancing its comprehensive competence to new levels. FDSM is the first business school in Chinese Mainland to participate in this global ranking system. When compared with all other Chinese universities, FDSM has the largest number of nominated projects joining the ranking and alumni participated in the ranking survey. Moreover, its overall score continues to improve steadily. These achievements are the results of the tremendous efforts taken by FDSM to facilitate and develop faculty team building, talent training, internationalization as well as the other aspects of its all-round, comprehensive growth.

FDSM has also achieved promising results in the authoritative global rankings for scientific research. For example, in 2020, the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) released its Top 100 Worldwide Business School Research Rankings, where FDSM was ranked 96th in the world, securing its spot within the top 100 for five consecutive years. In 2019, FDSM was published in 18 journals indexed by UTD as leading business journals, ranking 1st in Chinese Mainland for the number of papers approved for publication. FDSM has been advocating and encouraging students and faculty members to conduct their research about China. As a result, more and more high-quality research drawn from Chinese data and cases have been published in international journals. Research papers on China-related topics have accounted for nearly 50% of all papers published in these journals in the past five years. 

The affirmation and support of the authoritative global rankings prove that FDSM has established a positive figure of Chinese higher institution globally and has been recognized as an institution offering high caliber education that meets international standards.