CPC Corporation, Taiwan Honored at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020

CPC Corporation, Taiwan Honored at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020

SINGAPORE, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A total of 81 projects and business leaders across Asia were selected as recipients of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020 (AREA), which was an increase of 27% from last year. Widely regarded as the gold standard for CSR and sustainability practice, this year’s award ceremony was organized virtually due to the unprecedented global healthcare crisis. A diversity of industries and leading organizations from all over the region received the AREA, demonstrating a continued dedication to responsible business practices despite the pandemic.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan Recognised as Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2020 Winner in Circular Economy Leadership and Investment In People Category
CPC Corporation, Taiwan Recognised as Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2020 Winner in Circular Economy Leadership and Investment In People Category

Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, the AREA aims to recognize and honor Asian businesses and leaders for championing sustainable and socially responsible business practices. The award categories are Social Empowerment, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Green Leadership, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership and Responsible Business Leadership. Through the award ceremony, this unique opportunity has provided over 600 attendees to interconnect and celebrate virtually.

Company Introduction

CPC Corporation, Taiwan was established in 1946. Its businesses include oil and gas exploration, procurement and imports, refining, storage and transportation, marketing and sales. Its operating locations are distributed across Taiwan, and overseas deployments span four continents.

Human Resource Development

With the aging of the human structure in the Company, they will retire 20% of its employees in the next five years. Therefore, the Company plans their manpower utilization and configuration in advance, and establishes training policy and future cultivation direction based on the Company’s vision and organizational development direction. The Company is committed to human connection and business inheritance, including accelerating the recruitment of new forces in advance, and fostering diverse functions of colleagues through the implementation of trainees and rotation plans to nurture talents of all levels and future management, to bridge the gap of human development and optimize human resources. The Company continues to conduct second expertise and self-inspired training. In terms of industry-academic cooperation, the Company improves industry knowledge, encourages students to apply their knowledge, and balances industry-academic gaps.

Recycling of Cold Drainage Brings Benefits and Prosperity

In response to the government’s policy of expanding the use of natural gas, the Company adheres to the core goal of implementing energy resource integration and achieving circular economy. When the Company imports natural gas, suppliers will first compress it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) by lowering the temperature to 162°C below zero. After LNG is delivered to Taiwan, temperature exchange with seawater takes place to gasify LNG before it is ready for consumer consumption. A great deal of cold energy will be released during gastification, apart from using it to cold energy air liquefaction, cold energy power generation, cold energy chiller system, air separation, the Company also provides local aquafarm owners with low-temperature water to breed high-economic value fishes. Through the application of the diversified cold energy project allocation and the common prosperity of the community and industry can achieve the benefits of circular economy.

Developing Talents

Cooperating with the promotion system and management functions, the Company established vertical (primary, intermediate, high-level) and horizontal (refining department, exploration department, engineering department, marketing department, management department, safety and environmental system core business courses) Corporate University Knowledge System. The Company applied technology and Internet to build “CPC e-Academy” and mobile applications, and applied VR/AR technology to facilitate education and learning, also preventing the industrial safety accidents. CPC Human Resources Training Center serves as an incubator for internal talents while also tasked with building a talent pool for industry. The Company sets up industry-university courses to provide Taiwan employees and students from ASEAN countries with knowledge and on-the-job training in the energy and petrochemical fields, and connects and reserves overseas talent cooperation platforms to fulfill the government’s New Southbound Policy and make the greatest contribution to the cultivation of energy and petrochemical talents in Taiwan.

Clean and Low Temperature Cold Drainage

Since 2005, the Company has provided clean and low-temperature of cold drainage to the Kaohsiung Yongan Fishpond free of charge. Cold drainage is filtered and cleansed three times before being discharged to create a quality environment for the grouper, reduce the possibility of diseases, and thus enhance output. Therefore, aquafarm owners call the cold drainage as diamond water. The Company has benefited the local fishermen and helped organised the Yongan Grouper Festival every year. The high-quality grouper competition promotes the characteristics of the local industry with practical actions. Green Technology Research Institute of the Company further utilises the advantages of cold drainage, and cooperates with four sectors of production, government, academia and private sector to carry out the cultivation of seaweed, sea fungus, sea urchin, abalone, and develop food, sea fungus gift boxes, and health care medical products. The Company established the best model of mutual benefit, symbiosis and common prosperity.

Achievements and Impact

In order to further develop talents, the Company held over 3,799 classes in 2019, with an average training of 61 hours per person, effectively improving staff job functions and operating performance. In response to the human resource faults, a succession training program was established, and 30% of qualified candidates were promoted to high-level supervisors in 2019. In addition, 44 students in the Industrial-Academic Cooperation Plan have joined the CPC manpower. The Company’s training system conforms to ISO9001 certification standards and has won the silver awards of the Talent Quality Management System (TTQS) of the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labour. The Company has organised training-related innovative activities, such as the CPC Lecture Hall and Human Resources Forum organized by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), to train the country’s competitive high-quality talents and fulfill the social responsibility.

The Company supplies free cold water discharged from the LNG process to local aquafarms through underground box culverts. Apart from the ease of access, aquafarm owners do not need to worry about the possibility of barnacles clogging the intake or typhoons damaging the pipelines. Aquafarm owners are able to save on expenses from electricity for pumping water, maintaining, repairing, or restoring pumping equipment. Diamond water is both tangible and intangible benefits to aquafarm owners. It creates a high-quality living environment for grouper and improves the survival rate of farmed fish, also creating an annual output value of about NT2 billion dollars, and promotes the development of local industries as well as the reputation of Taiwan’s Grouper Kingdom. Meanwhile, It reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 2,780 tons per year.

Future Direction

The Company cherishes talents and continues to cultivate new seeds for the industry. In the future, through the practice of organization learning and the application of new technologies, it will link both the industry and academia, to continuously improve the quality of professional training and develop innovative ideas. The Company will focus on collaborative research with the government and academia to establish benchmarks for talent training in the energy and petrochemical industry. Adhering to the vision of “a safe, clean and internationally competitive integrated energy enterprise.”, the Company continues to apply advanced technologies to its business and spares no effort.The Company will continue to strengthen personnel training in related fields, enhance the strength of big data analysis and promote industrial transformation.

In the future, the Company will increase the proportion of cold drainage supply and will cooperate with the government to install more water transportation pipes in order to expand the benefits to neighbouring towns, and will continue to counsel fishermen to participate in the cultivation of cold-drained fishes and algae. In addition, the Yongan LNG Cold Discharge Water Aquaculture Test Farm of the Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, was unveiled to promote fisheries transformation with innovative aquaculture technologies, in order to boost marine economic growth. The Company will also promote academic research, in hopes to make good use of cold energy resources and implement the circular economy as well as contribute to energy conservation, carbon reduction and environmental protection, while taking into account the development of local industries, local employment and prosperity.

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