AI will make billions of humans unnecessary

AI will make billions of humans unnecessary

KUALA LUMPUR: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will irreversibly change the world by making billions of humans unnecessary, inclusive of creative workers, according to Russian physicist and philosopher, Serge Pereslegin.

“Therefore, we need to redesign the meaning of work and life,” added Pereslegin who is also among the world’s leading technology and society forecasters.

This and other future related topics will be presented and discussed during the Business Innovation Congress at the Grand Hyatt Hotel here on Nov 27.

The congress, themed ‘Digital Transitions: Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0’, centres on the far-reaching benefits, challenges and opportunities of AI, as seen in exciting topics throughout the congress.

The topics are How Industry 4.0 is Revolutionizing Manufacturing, Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Cyborgs and Future Trends and How Artificial Intelligence affects ASEAN Business and Leadership.

Pereslegin, Dr Konstantin Schamber who is founder and organiser of the congress, as well as Malaysian technocrat, Puan Chan Cheong will be among other eminent speakers.

The event is organised by The Center for Strategic Intercultural Communication GmbH, Germany, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation ASEAN, Thailand, the German-Chinese Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises – MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL, China, and several leading chambers of commerce in Malaysia.

The Business Innovation Congress is a future-forward movement, designed for C-level executives of leading corporations, entrepreneurs and business owners, representatives of public authorities, international bodies, research institutes, associations and chambers of commerce.

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