YOYI TECH Acquires LinkFlow, Closes $20 Million D+ Round Financing, and Leads the Industry in Omnichannel Intelligent Marketing

YOYI TECH Acquires LinkFlow, Closes $20 Million D+ Round Financing, and Leads the Industry in Omnichannel Intelligent Marketing

BEIJING, Aug. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a recent news release, the Omnichannel intelligent marketing platform service provider YOYI TECH announced the acquisition of LinkFlow, an industrial frontrunner in Customer Data Platform (CDP). In addition, YOYI TECH also announced the closing of its $20 million D+ round financing, led by Samsung Venture Investment(SVIC), NewQuest Capital under TPG, and Zhejiang SilkRoad Fund. The acquisition and the new funding reinforce YOYI TECH’s leadership position in MarTech industry.

On August 9th, 2022, YOYI TECH successfully held a conference with the theme “Beyond MarTech: Winning the Future through Omnichannel Intelligent Marketing”. During the conference, YOYI TECH launched its “Three Clouds” strategy, i.e., Advertising Cloud – OneDesk, Omnichannel advertising platform, Data Cloud – LinkFlow, Customer Data Platform (CDP), and Marketing Cloud – EngageX, Marketing Automation Platform (MAP).

YOYI TECH “Three Clouds” Strategy
YOYI TECH “Three Clouds” Strategy

As a subsidiary under YOYI TECH Group, LinkFlow operates independently focusing on building the next generation of Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation Platform. The LinkFlow brand will be kept intact. Both LinkFlow and YOYI TECH will work together in big data, AI, product innovation, and unleashing customer life time values. Leveraging on omnichannel interaction, the companies shall be able to help its clients to enhance sales and marketing capability across consumer journey.

After the acquisition of LinkFlow, YOYI TECH is uniquely positioned as the leading MarTech company with unprecedented omnichannel capability.

  • Products: offering omnichannel CDP and MAP, with big data and AI
  • Technology: continuously investing on R&D, enhancing AI algorithm, innovatively upgrading omnichannel abilities in data collection, integration, analysis, application and data security protection.
  • Services: ensuring customer successes, enhancing data strategy and improving customer experiences
  • API first: Building MarTech ecosystem through open platform and API first strategy, attracting various MarTech and SaaS partners


Founded in 2007, YOYI TECH is the leading player in omnichannel intelligent marketing. Through its cutting edge Adverting, Data and Marketing clouds as well as its big data and AI, YOYI TECH is aiming at providing the best products and services to enable clients on digital marketing transformation. With its rich experience in successfully serving 60% of Fortune 500 companies, YOYI TECH provides full solutions in helping clients acquire new customers, improve customer experience and drive business growth.

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