VistaJet assists government, medical organisations via global infrastructure

VistaJet assists government, medical organisations via global infrastructure

KUALA LUMPUR: VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company, is helping to ensure that those with critical travel requirements during this time of uncertainty are able to keep moving

Understanding the global community’s needs as the world works to respond to the evolving situation on COVID-19, VistaJet continues to identify new ways to be of help through its global network and infrastructure.

According to a statement, the company works directly with Governments and Consulates globally, helping them to repatriate citizens by providing complimentary empty leg flights.

To further ensure that officials are able to keep their response plans as prompt as possible, VistaJet assists with the complex logistics of the necessary permits and paperwork.

As cargo flights drastically fall owing to the cancellation of major global commercial routes, and inspired by the incredible gesture of humanity seen worldwide.

VistaJet is also in talks with medical organisations, health experts and regulators to identify other solutions to help, including the transportation of key medical supplies.

Additionally, empty leg flights are being offered complimentary for critical flights to transport medical experts to necessary locations as they help to fight the global pandemic.

VistaJet has also introduced its Dynamic Jet Lease, a short-term lease over one, two or three months, offering a dedicated aircraft and crew positioned at the nearest possible airport to customers.

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