Viral video: Woman’s quick reflexes saved toddler son from falling off balcony

Viral video: Woman’s quick reflexes saved toddler son from falling off balcony

In a video that has gone viral online, a woman was seen saving her toddler son from a grand fall from the balcony, only because of her quick reflex action.

A spine-tingling video of a woman saving her toddler son from a fatal accident is doing the rounds of the internet. The video features chilling CCTV footage of an office and the scene that unfolds is actually the stuff of nightmares.

The woman along with her toddler son walks out of the lift on the fourth floor and she is seen speaking over the phone in front of a balcony. In the midst of it, she unintentionally ends up leaving her son’s hand and the baby soon after walks towards the balcony. He leans over the railing and falls through the gap – but within a fraction of a second, his mother falls to the ground on the floor and catches him.

The workers noticed the scene and rushed down the stairs while a few others gathered around the woman.

The video has garnered 583,003 views so far while folks gasped for breath in the comments section after watching it. Most of the viewers praised the woman for her superb reflex action and presence of mind.

“That mother had an angel looking over them both I can’t believe she was able even with a purse and cell phone in her hand dove like superwoman thru those slate and grabbed that child before he or she fell that was a true earthly miracle right there WOW!! WHEW,” said one user while another added, “Wow, that is a almost stop your heart moment. Good catch mom.”

“Good job mom, so scary” and “What an amazing catch mom!” were also some of the responses.

Really scary, right?

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