Typhoon Lingling: A Malaysian musician relates his ordeal

Typhoon Lingling: A Malaysian musician relates his ordeal

PUCHONG: A Malaysian musician caught in the Typhoon Lingling’s rage in South Korea speaks to The Leaders Online on his scary ordeal going through the natural disaster.

K Prakash, a musician from Malaysia, said that he was performing in South Korea for a music festival called the Soon Jae Choon Music Festival in the city of Jeongup-si, on Sept 6, when the typhoon entered the Korean Peninsula.

“I play the tabla, a North Indian musical instrument. I was accompanied by another Malaysian Indian violinist, Sriram Seshadiri,” he said.

The duo were staying in South Korea for six days, when Typhoon Lingling struck.

“On the last day of the event, we woke up to the sound of our hotel windows rattling. Sriram’s bathroom wall tiles actually fell off to the ground. We were both shocked,” he said.

Claiming that he was not aware of Typhoon Lingling before arriving in South Korea, Prakash was however, grateful that their flight home to Malaysia was pretty much on schedule.

“Just there was a 45 minutes delay due to some problems on the runway,” she said.

On how he felt during the typhoon attack, Prakash said he was initially worried about his flight back home to Malaysia.

However, Prakash said he was composed after seeing others in the plane were relaxed about the whole situation.

“I’m just grateful that nothing bad happened,” Prakash said, adding that he hoped those who suffered from the aftermath of the typhoon recover from their losses and their lives return to normal soon.

By Hema Subramaniam