Two children swept by river current found drowned

Two children swept by river current found drowned

SIBU: The two children from Rumah Panjang Ekaw, Nanga Sungai Semawang, Kapit, about 200 kilometres from here, who were reported to have been swept by the current while bathing in a river with other family members two days ago, were found drowned today.

A spokesman at the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department’s Operations Centre said the bodies of nine-year-old Damien Dashlley Sedan Donny and Chelsea Charity Darrie Ricky, 10, were found in Batang Rajang by family members.

He said the Kapit Fire and Rescue Station was informed on the discovery of the bodies by the police at 7.30 am today.

“Damien was found about 20 metres from the Ekaw Longhouse, while Chelsea was found about 20 kilometers away from the longhouse and their bodies have been handed over to the police,” he said.

In the incident on May 31, the two children were bathing with their family members in Nanga Sungai Semawang, Kapit, when they were swept by the river current. – Bernama