Trump says ‘kidney has special place in heart’, gets trolled on social media

Trump says ‘kidney has special place in heart’, gets trolled on social media

It is not surprising when US President Donald Trump makes a bizarre statement, but then again messing up the basic anatomy of a human body is something one would not expect from him.

However, that is not the case with Trump, because seems like he can.

Recently, while addressing the medical community at an event on Wednesday, Trump claimed that kidney “has a very special place in the heart” and it was all caught on video that is cracking up the Internet.

The video was shared online by a Twitter user, journalist Aaron Rupar with username @atrupar.

While the whole statement is as bizarre as it sounds, we could only come to one conclusion that either Trump does not know where the kidney is or he is very sentimental about the particular organ of our body.

While talking about kidney dialysis at the event, Trump said, “You’ve worked so hard on the kidney. Very special, the kidney has a very special place in the heart.”

Yes, you read that right!

So obviously, the statement raised many eyebrows online as kidneys are usually not located in the heart and people were quick enough to troll Trump.

Trump was attending the event in order to sign an executive order that aims to incentivise in-home dialysis, encourage kidney donations and tackle kidney related diseases.

Here’s what Twitter is saying online:

Benjamin Dreyer: “Kidney is part of Mars”

Cy_Lanced: “Why does no one love him enough to do a neurological intervention?”

Dee Dubs: “He speaks like a 7th grader giving a book report of a book he has not read.”

JerseyCraig: “ Ummmm why did no one tell me I had kidneys in my heart?”

Jeff Hedges: “Seriously…We slipped into some bizarre ‘alternative’ universe..”

Cameron Steele: “Mars in part of the moon, kidneys are in the heart. Hopefully, Trump is not in Uranus.”

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