Trending: Watch lioness almost rip off man’s hand who tried to pet her

Trending: Watch lioness almost rip off man’s hand who tried to pet her

55-year-old man puts his hand inside a cage to pet the lioness, gets his arm almost ripped off instead. Watch the viral video.

Humans get really uncomfortable when someone invades their personal space, but what they don’t realise is that animals are the same as well. Even if they are inside a cage.

55-year-old, Pieter Nortje learned this lesson the hard way.

A Twitter account recently shared a video that is captioned, “They never learn,” shows Pieter putting his hand inside the cage to pet the lioness. The lioness almost ripped off his hand instead.

Pieter, who was on a tour of Tikwe River in South Africa did the foolish thing of putting his hand in the lion’s cage and pet him without considering the consequences.

In the now viral video, Pieter says, “If you bite me, then I’m going to have to bite you back,” to the lion as he pets him.

Suddenly, the lion moves and the lioness comes in the picture and directly goes to bite Pieter’s hand and tries to drag him inside the cage.

Pieter attempts to get rid of the lioness’s hold and the female companion with him starts shouting while still holding the camera in her hand.

At the end of the video, Pieter gets free from the grab of the lioness.

Even though he had a guide and another companion accompanying him but we are wondering why nobody stopped him from this ‘brave’ act.

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