Trending: Invisible Challenge for dogs

Trending: Invisible Challenge for dogs

Invisible Challenge is the latest trend on Twitter. The videos include adorable dogs trying to cross over invisible cellophane sheets.

After the bottle cap challenge, there is another challenge that is doing the rounds on social media. It is called the ‘Invisible Challenge,’ and believe us when we say this, this is an adorable one.

The challenge that became a sensation overnight has Twitter flooded with the app users tweeting videos of their dogs while they put transparent cellophane sheets in front of them.

These videos are full of adorable dogs trying to win from the transparent cellophane sheets in an attempt to follow their owners.

The videos show the owners of these dogs running towards the sheet and then jumping over them as the dogs try to follow. The confusion and the astonishment on the faces of these dogs are just extremely cute.

Even after the owners try to bribe their dogs and call them, these dogs are not able to decode how to cross the invisible gate.

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