Tourism Board release Gawai – Aidilfitri money packets

Tourism Board release Gawai – Aidilfitri money packets

KUCHING: Sarawak Tourism Board has released special Gawai – Aidilfitri money packets in view of the combined Gawai Dayak and Aidilfitri celebrations next month.

It was produced to boost awareness about the unity in multicultural Sarawak and to instill pride in the way of the celebrations.

Gawai Dayak, the harvest festival celebrated by the Dayak, falls on June 1-2, while Aidilfitri is expected to fall on June 5-6.

It is the first time that the two festivals fall around the same time since 1987.

“Although the Dayaks don’t give out money packets during Gawai, the board decided to commemorate the joint celebrations on the packets that are handed out during Raya,” STB said in a press release.

The packets come in four designs featuring Iban and Malay cultural attire, Dayak and Malay delicacies as well as their celebrations. Limited numbers of the packets are available at the visitor information centres in Kuching, Miri and Sibu.