The Best Gift for Kids: Off screens and take a rainbow ride-SmooSat E9 Apex

The Best Gift for Kids: Off screens and take a rainbow ride-SmooSat E9 Apex

HOUSTON, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s not the holiday season yet, as fall’s peak approaches, people will be carving pumpkins for Halloween, gearing up for Thanksgiving, preparing for the Christmas tree. Yet, pretty soon, parents will have to start considering what presents to get for the kids in the family.

In this day and age when parents are struggling to keep children off screens and monitors, SmooSat’s latest offering comes as a windfall for the outdoor fun that kids immediately embrace and rejoice with.  SmooSat just solved the primary piece of the puzzle with the perfect gift for kids — the SmooSat E9 Apex.  

SmooSat E9 Apex Electric Scooter for Kids
SmooSat E9 Apex Electric Scooter for Kids

Away from the screens, off to the outdoors

Before getting on an e-scooter, kids must see it to love it at first sight. The E9 Apex comes in two options. The first one is literally the Lamborghini Centenario of electric scooters with its rugged black and yellow finish. The second one is the elegant and cozy combination of pink and black. Anyone’s preference is covered. Out with the screens, in with the parks with the E9 Apex.

Rock the ride on the rainbow

Research has shown that the most important two senses that offer children positive stimuli are sight and sound. SmooSat E9 Apex delivers on both fronts. With its rainbow LED ordained deck, the E9 Apex transforms itself into eye candy for the kids. Next, the E9 Apex lets them rock out to tunes as they ride safely, having the time of their lives thanks to the Bluetooth surround speakers built right into the scooter.

Safety concerns out the window

The E9 Apex is mighty fast but never goes overboard in compromising safety. Users can choose the maximum speed of 5 mph, 8 mph, or 10 mph with a simple press of a button. The two phenomena riders are concerned about are accidental starting and weak brakes. SmooSat addressed both in the top-of-the-line model. The motor will work only when the speed reaches 3 mph to prevent unintentional starting, and the reinforced rubber anti-skid wheels and rear fender brakes provide safe and fast braking on all terrains.

The scooter grows together with the young rider

As a child grows, the E9 Apex grows with them. With its adjustable handlebar heights of 28in, 32in, and 36in – it can be a child’s companion from being school-aged till their late teen days. Adopting a compression-resistant sturdy and durable aluminum alloy frame,  It can be folded into a comfortable dimension of 29in X 14in X 10in. Sure, users can carry it to any desired location and store it comfortably in a convenient space – fully folded and safe. Using the industry-leading technology in Lithium-ion batteries, SmooSat ensured great power while adopting the safest standards. Empowered with a travel range of 5 miles on a full charge, it will keep up with any child’s outdoor demands for the longest time.

SmooSat has cracked the case of the perfect gift for any child, with up to $52 off Time-limited discount by using inclusive code which could be found below. At SmooSat, the philosophy is that technology should bring loved ones closer. 

Laura Leonard, General Manager of SmooSat said, “Here at SmooSat, we make scooters because we simply love scooters. Over the past year, we have completed comprehensive upgrades to our technology and product portfolio based on independent R&D, as we seek to bring enjoyable green travel solutions to families worldwide. A SmooSat scooter is not just a commuting tool or a short-lived toy, but an all-ages-loved-and-trusted companion that embodies the spirit of smooth and joyful travel. We have seen so many families step away from screens and answer the call of the wild with SmooSat scooters — forming stronger family bonds in the process!

Just finished Deals of the day sale,  E9 Pro Kid Electric Scooter hit the Top 3 chart on Amazon and has received glowing feedback from users, SmooSat looks forward to even greater heights going forward including the present release of the E9 Apex.


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About Smoosat

SmooSat is dedicated to providing the greatest scooter-riding experience to everyone, no matter how young or old. SmooSat scooters are not just a commuting tool or a short-lived toy, but an all-ages-loved and family-trusted companion that embodies the spirit of smooth and joyful gliding. SmooSat’s products combine genius engineering with slick design alongside sincere customer service, in order to deliver high-quality family-friendly products at a practical price for the most joyful experience.

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