TFC coach speechless over loss to PJ City

TFC coach speechless over loss to PJ City

KUALA TERENGGANU: Terengganu FC coach, Irfan Bakti Abu Salim finds it hard to stomach TFC’s 3-5 loss to PJ City FC in the second round of Super League on home ground last night.

This was because his squad was leading PJ City FC 3-0 in the first half when they played with such confidence.

It was such a big disappointment to him that he declined to be interviewed by reporters.

Assistant coach, Mohamad Nik said the defeat was a major shock to the entire team when they were comfortably ahead to collect three full points.

“It was a disastrous lapse for us to see PJ City FC equalised with three goals in just 12 minutes,” he told reporters after the match at Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium last night,” he said.

According to him, the glaring weakness of TFC was in the flank especially after winger Nabil Ahmad Latpi was taken out at the end of the first half due to injury.

“In the second half, our players fell into disarray with wide space opened for PJ City to roam.

“Their five goals were scored from the countless cross passes they made and there were several simple errors which should not have been committed on our side.

Apart from that, he denied the physical factor of players which gave PJ City FC the advantage when they brought in two new import players, Washington Brandao and Pedro Henrique. TFC are now in the eighth spot on the Super League table.