Tele Radio Australia joins Kvaser’s QSR network

Tele Radio Australia joins Kvaser’s QSR network

MÖLNDAL, Sweden, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tele Radio Australia Pty Ltd., part of the Tele Radio Group, has signed a qualified reseller agreement with Kvaser. Serving OEMs and manufacturers in mining and heavy industry in Australia and New Zealand, Tele Radio offers a one-stop system design and integration service that specialises in projects that leverage its wireless expertise. The company is based in Perth in West Australia and has a sales office in Melbourne.

While the connection came about after Tele Radio used the Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 for testing and CAN analysis, the company sees potential in the Air Bridge, Kvaser’s configuration-free wireless CAN bridge.

Explains Kjell Blom, Tele Radio’s Managing Director: “Among the projects we are working on are autonomous drill rigs, automated watering trucks, crushing plants and customised monitoring systems for road trains. While we have used other wireless bridges to replace cables, which have a high damage rate because of the harsh environmental conditions, the Kvaser Air Bridge is proving more robust and reliable.”

Within Tele Radio’s sphere, CAN is the protocol of choice for its safety-critical characteristics and every programmable controller works with CAN, using either CANopen, J1939 or ISOBUS as the higher layer protocol. Occasionally, the company has had to create its own HLP, as Blom recounts: “Occasionally we need more addresses; we have one client that needs more than 500 IDs!”

Tele Radio 15-strong staff’s expertise spans mobile certified engineering, cyber security and software design for PLC interfaces. The company also has an engineering facility where it can customise remote controls for the most demanding of applications. The company’s automation and PLC activities are marketed under the Telemation brand name (, while remote controls can be found at Tele Radio Australia (

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