Successful female entrepreneurs can be driving force in empowering other women: Rina

Successful female entrepreneurs can be driving force in empowering other women: Rina

SIK: Successful female entrepreneurs can be a driving force behind empowering other women towards achieving success, said Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) Minister Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun(pix).

She said a programme carried out by the government to empower women should not stop at one level, but rather be continued by those who succeed, so that more women can benefit.

“What is important is to create in society the support from (successful) women to other women who have friends who can help each other in good times and bad times.

“This is because in the situation we are facing challenges after challenges, there is no one to help…that is why it is necessary for successful women entrepreneurs to be a driving force for other women,“ she said at a press conference after inaugurating the Wanita Bangkit@KPWKM’ Entrepreneurship Programme here today.

Rina said the experience and success of female enterpreneurs can be a motivation for other women to achieve success.

“Strength must be within us. We want women to have a more positive and tenacious attitude, have resilience and at the same time seek knowledge to improve abilities.

“We want them (who have been successful) to share their experiences with other women…so that these other women also can succeed and go higher, as well as help other women so that they become more successful,“ she said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the Wanita Bangkit@KPWKM Programme, launched on Sept 1, last year, Rina also said that so far it has benefitted more than 47,000 women nationwide.

“Many women who have benefitted through this programme include single mothers, stay-at-home mums, housewives, as well as those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and on average they have the passion to change their lives for the better,“ she added.-Bernama