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Streram: PKR an aspiration for multiracial Malaysia

Streram: PKR an aspiration for multiracial Malaysia

By K Pragalath

EXCLUSIVE RANTAU: PKR candidate for the Rantau by-election, Dr S Streram views the by-election as an opportunity to prove that PKR is best aspiration to work for a multiracial Malaysia.

“It is significant because we have already lost once when I was denied the opportunity to contest,” said Streram during an exclusive interview with The Leaders online.

“It is also an opportunity to prove that PKR need not be race based to work for the various communities based on the principles set by Pakatan Harapan,” he added.

He is also hoping that a win would bring an end to the tide of defeat suffered by Pakatan. The ruling coalition suffered its first defeat in the Cameron Highlands by-election which was called by the courts.

The by-election saw DAP’s M Manogaran defeated by BN’s direct candidate who is an Orang Asli.

The second defeat was in the Semenyih by-election when Bersatu failed to retain the seat.

Nomination for the Rantau by-election will be held on March 30 and the by election on April 13.  Dr S Streram was denied a chance to contest by the Election Commission returning officer during the 14th general that led to Umno’s Mohamad Hasan being declared winner without a contest. 

The result for Rantau was challenged in court and the election court declared Mohamad’s win as null and void.  Mohamad has been Rantau state assemblyman since the year 2004.

The constituency has 20,926 voters including 118 early voters and four absentee or overseas voters.

Of the total, 55.11% or 11,283 are Malays.  Indians totalling 5,336 voters make up 26.06% and 3,849 Chinese account for 18.8% voters. The balance four make up 0.02%.

In terms of polling districts, there are 14 polling districts. The polling districts are Angsa Emas, Bandar Ekar, Linsum, Siliau, Rantau, Pekan Sagga and Kampung Sri Lalang.

The other polling districts are Kampung Sega, Kuala Sawah, Kampung Mambau, Kampung Bemben, Taman Kelab Tuanku, Kampung Sendayan and Sendayan.

Rantau is one of the four state constituencies within the Rembau parliament seat that is held by Umno’s Khairy Jamaluddin. Chembong and Kota state constituencies are held by Umno veterans Zaifulbahri Idris and Datuk Dr Awaluddin Said.  Paroi is held by Amanah’s Taufek Abd Ghani.

In the event Dr Streram wins, it would be a major hit on Umno since Mohamad is currently the acting Umno president. 

For PKR, a win would signify that Malaysians are prepared to accept political leaders across racial lines, given the fact that Rantau is a Malay majority seat.

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