SEA Games: Malaysians livid over Filipino silat fighter for illegal kick on local rival

SEA Games: Malaysians livid over Filipino silat fighter for illegal kick on local rival

PUCHONG: Malaysians are furious over what happened to national silat exponent, Muhammad Faizul M Nasir after he was knocked out unconscious during his SEA Games bout with Philippine’s exponent, Dines Dumaan yesterday.

In a video published on Twitter, Dines was clearly seen kicking Faizul’s face when the latter fell down, an illegal move for a silat competition.

Adding salt to injury, Dines was declared the winner the bout despite his illegal move.

It was also reported that the Phillippines medical team took over three minutes before giving medical aid to an unconsciousness Faizul.

Enraged with Dines and the Filipino medical team, Malaysians took to social media to vent out against their ASEAN neighbour.

“The Phillippine’s exponent should be disqualified after he kicked Faizal when he was down,” said Twitter user Hurun Ain.

Another Twitter user, known as asyah_ismail1 questioned whether if Dines’ win was valid despite being caught executing an illegal move.

“Is the win valid? We need an explanation about the situation,” she said.

Another Twitter user slammed the Filipino medical team for dragging their feet to help Faizul despite falling unconsciousness for a while.

“You’re the doctor! You’re the doctor! How can you stoop so low, Phillippines?Your athlete illegally kicked ours but then was awarded the winner. Your medical team absolutely incompetent & can’t respond immediately,” said user Adri.

On related matter, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Steven Sim said that deputy chef de mission Nurul Huda Abdullah and he had visited Faizul later on the day.

He confirmed that Faizul was in a stable condition.

By Irman Hashim

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