Ruder Finn Asia and Join Forces in Hong Kong to Offer Crisis Management Planning and Solutions

Ruder Finn Asia and Join Forces in Hong Kong to Offer Crisis Management Planning and Solutions

Powerful Combination of Legal, Communications Resources Immediately Available to Clients Experiencing High Risk Events

HONG KONG, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ruder Finn Asia ( and ( today announced the creation of a new legal and communications resource based in Hong Kong to deliver risk and crisis management solutions to clients.

Ruder Finn Asia and Join Forces in Hong Kong to Offer Crisis Management Planning and Solutions
Ruder Finn Asia and Join Forces in Hong Kong to Offer Crisis Management Planning and Solutions

Blending proven crisis management experience, clients will have access to award-winning communications and legal counsel when facing reputational threats or crises.

The resource will enable the rapid development and implementation of targeted risk management strategies and solutions. This is vital in a fast-moving crisis situation where managing the narrative is a key element of minimising reputational damage.

The past twelve months have seen an array of risk and crisis situations for many corporations and individuals in Asia-Pacific and globally. The new and Ruder Finn Asia service will deliver a combination of legal and communications crisis management counsel, strategy and services. The team will help clients navigate emerging risks to share price, revenues, businesses or reputation, assessing and predicting their potential impact and facilitating a fast, seamless response.

The Ruder Finn Asia and teams have previously represented clients on a range of high-risk and crisis situations. Specific situations the team has advised on include family disputes, fraud, embezzlement, litigation, false financial reporting, criminal prosecution, media investigation, data breaches, privacy intrusions, workplace harassment, blackmail and contract disputes.

Kevin Bowers, Partner, said in Hong Kong today, “The world in 2022 is fragile. Business risk is at its highest level for decades as we work through the global pandemic and face immense political and economic uncertainty. Although reputation is a primary business risk, we often see how unprepared businesses and individuals are in the event of a crisis; even a foreseeable one. Having a joined-up resource that can quickly and effectively assess a crisis situation, develop and implement legal and communications planning to protect and manage reputations is now mission-critical. We aim to be that resource.”

Charles Lankester, Executive Vice President, Ruder Finn Asia said in Hong Kong today, “We have seen an extraordinary series of high-profile crisis situations in the past twelve months where senior management teams were often criticised for their crisis management responses. The problem? Real capability is often not embedded in an organisation. When faced with a crisis, management teams often discover the planning they have in place does not work. Our approach is fast, effective and action-oriented, designed to deliver practical, workable, real-world solutions.”

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