Redzuan, an imbecile minister who should have been kicked out yesterday

Redzuan, an imbecile minister who should have been kicked out yesterday

PUCHONG: Politicians are like diapers. You have to change them frequently or else, they will ‘stink’ to high heaven.

Now, I did not come up with that statement. I saw it on my Facebook many years back. However, there is some truth in that saying, whoever came up with it.

In this article, I would like to train my guns on our beloved Entrepreneur Development Minister, Mohd Redzuan Yusof.

When Pakatan Harapan took over federal power last year, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he was embarking on a third national car project. The statement drew a lot of flak as we all know what happened to his pet project, Proton.

Probably in his attempt to impress Mahathir or outdo the old man, Redzuan announced that a local company was embarking on a ‘flying car project’.

While people were still reeling from Mahathir’s announcement, Malaysians probably had a brain haemorrhage when Redzuan made the statement.

Granted, Malaysians are a curious a lot and gave Redzuan a benefit of a doubt, with not a pinch but a handful of salt.

However, probably realising Redzuan was going to embarrass the newly minted government with his pet project, Mahathir said the flying car project was not feasible as we would then need ‘police flying to the sky to man the traffic’.

For those who understand Mahathir, it was the prime minister’s way of telling Redzuan to drop his dopey project before it was too late.

However, Redzuan’s limited cognitive capability could not fathom Mahathir’s jibe and he went ahead with it.

Recently, the press went abuzz when rumours spread that the ‘flying car’ would be tested in an undisclosed area and Redzuan himself would hitch a ride on it.

When the media asked for the location, Redzuan dismissed them by saying that it was a secret thing and only selected MPs will be allowed to watch the stupendous event.

The minister, at his own peril, underestimated the Malaysian press and those aligned to them.

They eventually found out that the test-drive (or is it test-fly?) would take place at the Subang Airport today.

But that was when all hell broke loose!

The media found out that what is going to be tested is not a ‘flying car’ but a drone instead. Adding insult to injury, it is actually a drone built by EHang, a China-based company that builds autonomous aerial vehicle.

When questioned about it at the Dewan Rakyat lobby, Redzuan dismissed it saying people can call the vehicle whatever they wanted.

But the knockout blow came from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). The aviation authority basically denied approval for the drone to be flown citing risk factors.

Now, here is the thing. It is normal to make mistakes. However, it is also equally pertinent to apologise when one makes a mistake.

However, such an attribute is severely lacking among our politicians. Then again, it is true when people say that one needs to be thick-skinned when in politics.

But Redzuan is so thick-skinned that even crocodiles would blush! The only politician I remember that owned up to his misdeed was former MCA president Tan Sri Chua Soi Lek.

And he was definitely caught with his pants down…literally.

It is a good thing that Mahathir announced yesterday that he would reshuffle the Cabinet in the near future. The prime minister finally came to his senses, probably due to the massive kick in the rear end Pakatan received in the Tanjung Piai by-election.

There is a bunch of ministers and deputies that need to get a boot. Redzuan, in my view, should top the list. Not only is he embarrassing the ruling coalition, the minister is also very cocky about it.

Remember, when he embarrassed a reporter for not knowing the Federal Constitution a few months back.

The imbecile of a minister poked fun at the reporter despite the latter nodding in agreement that she knew the Federal Constitution after Redzuan queried her about it.

Not only Redzuan lacks basic language skills, he also has little grasp over sign language.

To end this article, this is my message to Redzuan. If you still insist on your ‘flying car project’, please hitch a ride on it and fly to the Spratly Islands.

I am sure the Chinese army stationed there would welcome you with open arms!

G Vinod is a Senior Editor of The Leaders Online

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of The Leaders Online.