Quarantined twitter user in PJ Hilton slammed for insensitive remarks

Quarantined twitter user in PJ Hilton slammed for insensitive remarks

PUCHONG: Twitter user Aisy Rumaisha was heavily trolled by Twiterratis for making insensitive remarks about the coronavirus quarantine centre in AKEPT in which she said “it looks like a prison, are you sure this place is fully sanitized for Malaysian returning home, or being at home is safer”.

She was heavily slammed by other Twitter users for showing off extravagance of the hotel facility in a robe.

Her posting “From New Zealand this April 5, returning to Malaysia in the COVID-19 season, housed in the quarantine center, for 14 days at the Hilton Hotel, PJ. Want to see the state of this place? received 488 comments.

“If this is funded by govt, wouldn’t it be duit rakyat? Spend on unnecessity lavish which govt could on something elsE like helping L40/B40, frontliners etc and you glamorously portray this to evoke what? How bless u r govt could spend on u instead of helping the poor? ” posted user Aisha Harul .

Meanwhile few other users condemned her showing of nature and inquired the nature of the quarantine.

User itsamranfaizal said “if you see the entire tweet, this girl keep downgrading other quarantine facilities arrogantly. Meanwhile, the quarantine place is paid by government for this ungrateful lady”

Followed by user Cleopatra who questioned the reason she is posting such pictures ” Perhaps you should ask her if she can afford to pay for herself instead. I paid Rm5k per night for most of my hotel rooms and I don’t even have time to take pictures of my stay”

User Fadzle Ayub tweeted ” May i know, do gov actually pay for the room or you yourself? And if you on your own, do they charge you full price or half? And once you enter , you can’t go out from the room for 14days, is it?

Aisy Rumaisha answered some of them and clarified that the quarantine facility is funded by government.

“It’s fully paid by the gov including foods and wifi. Yet foods menu from Hilton still provided in case we want to order something extra. And yes, not allowed to leave the room at all. There’s a police presence here 24/7 so you can’t obviously just run off” tweeted Aisy.

As of press time her tweet which went viral with 1700 retweets received backlash from netizens as they compare her gesture to medical professionals working day and night to save people.

The Leaders Online check to PJ Hilton confirms that the hotel is used as a quarantine facility.