Police raids in Dungun net homemade firearms

Police raids in Dungun net homemade firearms

DUNGUN: The Terengganu police arrested four men for allegedly possessing three air rifles and a homemade pistol in three separate raids in the district on Saturday.

Dungun district police chief Supt Baharudin Abdullah said the four suspects, aged between 29 and 48, were arrested by a team from the Terengganu Police Contingent Headquarters in operation between 4.30 pm and 8.30 am.

He said in the first raid at an oil palm plantation area in Felda Kerteh 2, near here, police found a rifle, a homemade pistol and 28 steel balls bearings, while a riffle and several ball bearings were seized during the second arrest at a house in Kampung Durian Mentangau.

“The third raid was carried out at a house in Felda Kerteh 2 where an air rifle was found.

“The initial investigation revealed that three of the four suspects had previous drugs and criminal records. The urine test also found the three suspects positive for drugs,” he said when contacted today.

Baharudin said all suspects admitted to making the weapons after learning the method via the Internet to hunt wild animals on the farm.

“All the suspects have been remanded for four days for further investigations under Section 8 of the Arms Act 1960,” he said.

Meanwhile, Baharudin said a police team from the Dungun District Police Headquarters also nabbed four men, aged 16 to 23, for possessing imitation firearms on the same day.

During the raid, police seized an imitation rifle, an imitation pistol, a pair of handcuffs, rubber bullets, four handphones and two walkie-talkies.

“All suspects admitted to buying the imitation firearms and equipment online for fun and taking photographs for social media.

“The suspects have been remanded for four days, and the case is being investigated under Section 36 of the Arms Act 1960 and Section 89 of the Police Act 1967,” he also said. –Bernama