Pilot Fajim Juffa was a cheerful and helpful person

Pilot Fajim Juffa was a cheerful and helpful person

SEMENYIH: Chief of Defence Force General Tan Sri Affendi Buang has described the late Fajim Juffa Mustafa Kamal, 52, who was killed in a light aircraft crash in Ipoh, Perak yesterday, as a friendly and cheerful person who always facilitates the affairs of others.

Affendi said the late Fajim Juffa had been under his supervision in the MiG-29 squadron while serving with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

“He (Fajim Juffa) was one of the pilots under me in the MiG-29 squadron. I can say that he was cheerful, and whatever he did pleased many people.

“We can see this today; many of his friends came…he was friendly with all and had no limit to making friends,” he told reporters after attending Fajim Juffa’s funeral at the Bandar Tasik Kesuma Muslim Cemetery here tonight.

Affendi also prayed that the deceased soul is placed among the believers and hoped that his family would remain strong in facing this difficult time.

Apart from that, he said the armed forces would look into assistance that could be extended to the family of late Fajim Juffa since he was a veteran.

“At the moment, many friends have provided various aid, and the official assistance will be determined later,” he said.

Fajim Juffa, a flying instructor from Semenyih, was killed, while his friend, Muhammad Din Fikri Zainal Abidin, 62, from Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur was injured in the incident which occurred at about 8 pm yesterday. — Bernama