Palette Puzzles Launches To Inspire Slow-Living, Mindfulness, Art, and Female Empowerment Through The Joy of Puzzles

Palette Puzzles Launches To Inspire Slow-Living, Mindfulness, Art, and Female Empowerment Through The Joy of Puzzles

SINGAPORE, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore and Hong Kong-based Palette Puzzles is officially launching its brand of artistic and creative puzzles made from artworks produced by talented female artists worldwide. The start-up aims to bring back childhood playfulness, whether creating art, gazing at stars, running after butterflies, or making sandcastles through the joy of its unique puzzle products.

Palette Puzzles launching in Singapore and Hong Kong
Palette Puzzles launching in Singapore and Hong Kong

Palette Puzzles is more than just about solving puzzles, with the company’s mission to promote a new way of living, helping people to slow down and find their source of inner strength and peace of mind.

Presence and mindful, rekindling childhood memories

Palette Puzzles allow people to create their private oasis of calmness as they focus their attention on the presence and become mindful of their surroundings. The activity also unleashes their creative and artistic sides, a natural way of healing and practicing mindfulness. Additionally, the fun can be shared if people enjoy it with their families, co-workers, and friends, strengthening their social bonds by rekindling childhood memories together.

Moreover, the design of Palette Puzzle products is both sophisticated and attentive. To facilitate the customers’ experience, Palette Puzzle’s kit includes two puzzle trays to make sorting fun and easy. It also comes with a pack of puzzle savers that can be used to frame and preserve beautiful artwork later.

Love for jigsaws, arts, and women’s empowerment

As a child, founder Paris Zhao had always been passionate about the wonder of colors. She would spend hours happily painting or completing jigsaw puzzles, filling her world with color. Growing up, her priorities shifted to gaining entry  into the University of Oxford and landing an exciting job, leaving her childhood behind to enter the adult world. Like many others, she was caught up in the fast pace of life and the turbulence of rushing to carve out a career for herself in the fast-changing technology industry.

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly put a halt to everything. For most people, including Zhao, the experiences of being confined inside the walls of their houses and being cut off from the world were distressing. Still, it also opened an opportunity to find new meaning and live differently.

Consequently, during these long and anxiety-filled years, Zhao found time to reconnect with jigsaw puzzles as a form of escape and rediscover the pure joy she once had. She found her inner peace and a new life purpose through solving puzzles. She started dreaming about a way to integrate art into her newly revived interest and began visualizing puzzles as artworks to be preserved and framed.

What started as a fun project led Zhao toward the path of being an entrepreneur, doing fundraising, navigating manufacturing, art licensing, graphic design, and procurement to bring the company to life. Also, a percentage of each puzzle sale will be attributed directly to the talented female artist behind every creation, supporting her creative journey to make even more stunning artwork.

Each Palette Puzzles kit is beautifully packed in a recyclable box, making it a perfect gift for families and friends over the holiday season. Puzzle fans can shop for their ideal puzzle gifts on the company’s website.    

About Palette Puzzle

Palette Puzzle was started by Paris Zhao, an ex-Meta employee in Hong Kong and Singapore, stemming from her love for jigsaw puzzles and arts and her passion for women empowerment. The company creates puzzles worth framing to promote mindfulness, slow living, and art. Palette Puzzle licenses exclusive artwork from talented female artists worldwide and turns their artwork into puzzles, and the artists will receive a percentage from each sale. Each puzzle comes with reusable sorting trays and puzzle savers – perfect as gifts for the holiday season!