OURHOME Global Chefs’ Special Meal Campaign Serving a special menu every month around the world

OURHOME Global Chefs’ Special Meal Campaign Serving a special menu every month around the world
  • Serve a special menu to stores in 5 countries including Korea, U.S., China, Poland and Vietnam
  • With its standardized recipes, realized local taste and quality anywhere in the world
  • Starting with Korean ‘Tteokguk’ in January, planning to serve Chinese ‘Jingjiang Lou Si’ in February, and Vietnamese ‘Gumjang’ in March

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OURHOME, a global food company based in Korea, announced that it has launched a ‘Global Chefs’ Special Meal Campaign’ for customers using stores at home and abroad.

Tteokguk, the first menu of the OURHOME Global Chefs’ Special Meal Campaign
Tteokguk, the first menu of the OURHOME Global Chefs’ Special Meal Campaign

The ‘Global Chefs’ Special Meal Campaign’ is a campaign that provides special menus recommended by global chefs every month on the same day to customers at OURHOME stores in Korea and abroad. Starting the first one in January, it plans to conduct 12 events for 2023. This campaign was designed to provide new experience and enjoyment to customers in the United States, Poland, China, Vietnam as well as Korea, by providing unique exotic dishes difficult to access.

The special menu consists of local foods recommended by OURHOME’s main chef for each country. Chefs from around the world not only recommended the menus, but also standardized recipes so that customers anywhere in OURHOME’s global stores can equally enjoy the unique taste of local food.

The first runner of this campaign is Korean food. On January 20th, OURHOME served Tteokguk, a Korean soup with rice cakes, as a lunch menu to celebrate the national holiday of Lunar New Year. Also, it delivered the meaning of Lunar New Year and the Korean tradition of eating the dish with family. In particular, staff in overseas stores paid close attention to sourcing fresh ingredients with standardized recipes in order to serve the same taste.

“I had Korean food for the first time. It was a new experience for me. The texture of the chewy rice cake and soup were impressive” and “I look forward to enjoying the specialties of OURHOME’s global chefs.” Doniel Peron, a customer in New Jersey U.S.A., said. 

OURHOME plans to offer the following special menus simultaneously, starting with Korea’s representative food Tteokguk in January. It will serve Jingjiang Lou Si (traditional Beijing cuisine, stir-fried thinly sliced pork) in February, Gumjang (Vietnamese fried rice) in March, American Buffalo Wings in April, Goulash Wiepuchowy (Polish Pork Stew) in May respectively. 

OURHOME is making efforts to provide the best food & beverage service anywhere in the world to satisfy customers. The company not only dispatches excellent master chefs and nutritionists selected through a systematic training system in Korea, but also trains local cooking staff based on the equivalent training system developed in Korea.

More than 20,000 menu recipes have been standardized through customers’ feedback and food & beverage trend surveys. And all efforts have been made to secure a local food ingredient supply chain system. Now store operation efficiency has been improved, from contracts to purchasing, ordering, menu management by localizing an advanced store operation system verified in headquarters. 

Meanwhile, OURHOME has been holding unique events that provide special experiences for customers using overseas catering stores. Last year, OURHOME provided Samgyetang, a Ginseng Chicken Soup, to overseas customers in line with Korea’s Chobok, the first day of the dog days. And it is promoting K-food through a kimchi making event. With this campaign, OURHOME plans to present various events to promote Korean food culture and provide special experiences to customers.

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