“Only insane kleptocrats without integrity will join Umno”

“Only insane kleptocrats without integrity will join Umno”

PUCHONG: Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang of the DAP has declined the offer by Pekan MP Datuk Seri Najib Razak to join Umno on the grounds that he is still sane, have integrity and is not a kleptocrat.

“Only a kleptocrat who is insane will apply to join a political party which had not cleansed itself of “global kleptocracy”!

“For this reason, I am not so lacking in integrity and sanity as to take up Najib’s offer!”

He also added that he would not extend a similar proposal for the former prime minister.

“Najib should know that I would not invite him to join DAP, for any such invitation will raise questions about the integrity and sanity of both the inviter and invitee.”

He also described Najib’s move to extend an invite to him as a joke.

“What a joke – a global kleptocrat inviting me to join UMNO when UMNO has not cleansed itself of “global kleptocracy”?”

Yesterday Najib offered Lim Umno membership since the DAP stalwart has been consistently raising issues regarding the developments within the Malay party and Najib himself.

Lim also had several questions for Najib.

“Can Najib explain whether Umno had cleansed itself of global kleptocracy with Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as the new President of Umno?”

He raised this question since Zahid Hamidi himself is facing 87 charges related to corruption, money-laundering, bribery and criminal breach of trust.

He also reiterated his questions regarding Zahid Hamidi’s decision to end his garden leave and helm Umno.

Lim also asked whether Umno membership is open to all Malaysians or is it limited to kleptocrats.

“Another is whether UMNO membership is open to all Malaysians or only to kleptocrats?”

By K Pragalath