Najib Trial: Contractor witness talks about projects worth RM77,300

Najib Trial: Contractor witness talks about projects worth RM77,300

KUALA LUMPUR: The eighth prosecution witness, Daud Mohd, a contractor operating Syadilla Enterprise testified that he conducted three construction and repair projects amounting to RM77,300 at one of Najib’s houses in 2014.

It included contract to build two water towers, which is two and three storeys respectively, at the house in Pekan, Pahang, which was called Seri Kenangan.

The project was worth RM67,000 and was completed in three months.
Daud also revealed that he did two other jobs for Najib:- maintenance of his Pekan residence (air-conditioner servicing, electrical wiring and roof repairs), for which he charged RM9,540, and repairs of the house’s door knobs and kitchen for RM760.

The invoices for the work however was given to Zainudin Abdul Aziz, Najib’s house manager. Daud added he received his payments via cheque.

He also told the court that the construction of the water towers were due to pressing need.

Shafee: As a whole, the work you did, was it for pressing need or luxury.

Daud: It was a pressing need.

He also explained that the towers were repaired four times previously but was still damaged.

On the other hand, the new water tower had a 4,500-litre capacity in total, were needed to cater for 1,000 people and those using the house.

Earlier this morning, lawyers argued over the CRT.

The ninth witness, Umno Padang Serai division chief Asmadi Abu Talib testified that received a RM50,000 cheque from Najib when he met the then Umno president in 2014 at Putra World Trade Centre

He said that the cheque was made payable to him which was later deposited into his Maybank account before being used to organise programmes for non-government organisations and associations.

“Datuk Seri Najib then gave some advice to lift up my spirits, and then he handed over some contributions to assist my division to execute party plans,” he told the court during examination by DPP Muhammad Saifuddin.

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