Muafakat Nasional, an end to non-Malays in government?

Muafakat Nasional, an end to non-Malays in government?

Are PAS and some sections in Umno prepared to sink their principles and pride, whatever that are left, to hypothesise about forming a new coalition called Muafakat Nasional or MN?

Although the road to the actualisation of MN is paved with difficulties, PAS, a party that has been unable to defend its corruption charges related to the 1MDB funds, seems superficially confident that MN might ultimately work.

The first step in this direction is the proposal to pass a motion of confidence in the Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Under normal circumstances, the opposition are more likely to pass a motion of non-confidence against the ruling government or its leaders.

PAS’ move on the confidence motion in Mahathir is something not only unique but totally bizarre.

It goes to show that PAS despite its talk of religious morality is merely party of ordinary mortals who can easily succumb to power and status.

The urge is so strong to be part of the federal government to cover its corruption and misdeeds, that the PAS leaders are prepared to think and do the impossible.

The impossible is nothing other than getting a backdoor entry into the government by taking side on the succession matter.

So the first step in the direction of MN is to discredit the succession agreement in PH where Mahathir must give up power in favour of Anwar Ibrahim at the stipulated time.

While Mahathir agreed that his successor is Anwar, but the timing of the succession and the manner of this seems changing from day to day.

Whether coincidence or not, Mahathir’s latest spanner in the succession works that Anwar must prove his majority in the parliament throws asunder the what was agreed upon.

Whether this has anything to do with the PAS’ proposal on confidence in Mahathir remains to be seen.

The longer the succession remains unsettled, more theories abound whether Anwar indeed will take power from Mahathir at the right time.

Even the right time remains up in the air.

The notion that Anwar must prove his majority in the parliament was never part of the PH agreement in the first place.

PAS meanwhile wants to be the kingmaker in mooting the idea of a new coalition called MN.

MN might be bizarre and far fetched, but the idea is source of discomfort to many especially in the PH.

As the DAP leader Lim Guan Eng pointed out very recently, although MN replacing the PH might be remote, but if it happens, then it will be not only an end to PH, but the non-Malays would be totally marginalised from the government and society by PAS and Umno’s of exclusive Muslim society.

P Ramasamy is the deputy chief minister II of Penang

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