Mourning for Mursi: What about the Batek tribe, PSM asks Kelantan

Mourning for Mursi: What about the Batek tribe, PSM asks Kelantan

PUCHONG: Former Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi died on Tuesday during his trial, triggering a widespread outpouring of grief among Muslim leaders across the world.

The Kelantan government also extended its heartfelt condolences to Mursi’s family, with the state assembly offering prayers to the deceased Islamist leader.

“Mursi was an Islamic leader and we offer our deepest condolences to his family, Egyptians and the Islamic world for this great loss,” Kelantan state assembly speaker Datuk Abdullah Ya’akub was reported saying.

However, the Kelantan state government’s move did not go down well with several social media users.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) leader A Sivarajan said it would also be appropriate for the Kelantan state government to offer condolences to the Batek people who perished in the recent measles outbreak.

“It would have also been appropriate if they would have mourned the death of 15 over Bateq Orang Asli in their state. Did they?” asked Sivarajan.

His comment was also welcomed by several other social media users, who said that every life was precious.

“Well said. Until we reach a state where every unique life is honoured, till then the struggle continues,” said Mujesh Jay.

Since last month, the Bateq community in Kuala Koh, Kelantan was struck by mysterious disease which had claimed 15 lives to date. Two days ago, a three-year old Batek boy passed away at the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital after being admitted for nine days.

While many suspected they were struck by pneumonia, Health Ministry had issued a statement saying that it was measles outbreak that claimed the lives of the Bateq people.

By G Vinod